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You may ask yourself "Talakarli", what does that mean?

In inuit it is two words put together that form my picture of the Alaskan Malamute.

"Tala" means Wolf, and "Karli" means covered in Snow. So together it means Wolf covered in snow.


We were introduced to this wonderful breed 8 years ago and have not looked back. As most people will say when you have a malamute you can not just stop at 1, well we are now up to 5. Our pack consists of Evie, Mate and Chimay. We actively show most weekends at Durack in Brisbane and all of our stock are from highly reputable kennels being Darksky, Chekody and Atupaka. We don't breed often, only when looking to increase the show team. If you are looking for a puppy please continue to the puppy enquiry page and I will let you know when we may be expecting a litter.

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